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Secur-My-Lure is an innovative product developed to safely store and transport your fishing tackle. Our XL model is designed for salt water lures with larger hooks and trolling lures with diving bills.

For accurate sizing, measure the length and width of your lure. 



Size Chart

                       Interior Length            Interior Diameter   

Small                         4"                                   1"

Medium                   6"                                   1 1/4"

Large                        8 1/4"                            1 7/8"

Extra-Large          8 1/4"                             2 1/4"         

Extra Large (5 units per pack)

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Secur-My-Lure is made of polypropylene so you can see which lure or jig head is inside. It features an eco-friendly design that allows the product to float if dropped in the water. We've designed it so you can leave it on your rod when rinsing off your tackle. The draining holes on top allow water to enter and rinse off your lure.  When ordering, measure the length and diameter of your lure to find the best match. The Extra-Large model is designed for lures with diving bills or with larger hooks.


    The product is distributed in sets of 5 units. 

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