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Secur-My-Lure is an innovative product developed to safely store and transport your fishing tackle. It simply snaps over your lures or jig heads, covering the hooks, which can hurt you or get tangled during transport, or damage your car’s carpet and headliner.

Protect your car’s interior, custom rods, and yourself from getting hooked by lures or jig heads, without having to detach them from your rods.  This innovative product simply snaps over your lures, covering the hooks until you are ready to fish. 

  • No more tangled rods from treble hooks attaching to other lines. 

  • No more snagged carpet or headliners.

  • No more trips to the ER to get a hook removed.

Secur-My-Lure is made of polypropylene so you can see which lure or jig head is inside, and it floats. If you accidentally drop it in the water, it won’t sink, so it’s eco-friendly. It comes in 4 different sizes to match most anglers’ needs. We have designed it so you can leave it on your rod when rinsing off your tackle. The draining holes on top allow water to enter and rinse off your lure.  When ordering, measure the length and diameter of your lure to find the best match. The Extra-Large model is designed for lures with diving bills or with larger hooks.

Size Chart

                       Interior Length            Interior Diameter   

Small                        4"                                   1"

Medium                   6"                                   1     "

Large                        8      "                            1      "

Extra-Large              8      "                            2      "         






Giving Back
Our Story

I was fishing one morning, the boat rocked, I took a couple of steps back and hooked myself in the back of my right arm with a treble hook rigged on a spinner. The hook barb went through my skin and I was unable to pull it out. It was 4 hours back to a medical facility. We had to disconnect the hook from the lure and I continued to fish all day with the hook in my arm. While sitting in the ER later that night, I wondered if there was something that I could get to cover the hooks on my lures, and prevent this from happening again. I shared my story with my fishing friends and they all had similar experiences.


This is how the idea for Secur-My-Lure was born. After initial designs and 3D printing, I found an engineer to design the product so it could be made using an injection mold process. It took a couple of years and several trials, but we are confident that Secur-My-Lure is the solution that will help prevent damage caused by fishing tackle and let you focus on fishing instead.

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